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How it Works

Senegambians UK , the local business links advertising agency is a serious website for generating local business leads and links. Below are some key explanation on how Senegambians uk interacts with you.

How it Works
It is amazing how simple and direct our system work. The system is designed with the end user in mind. All you have to do is choose an advert or membership package, then choose the category that is suitable for the advert you want to post, put your advert details, images, contact and address for Mapping. That is it nothing more.

We accept PayPal payment system. PayPal is the most used online payment system in the World. If you post an adverts or purchase a membership package in our network, you pay through PayPal then PayPal accept your payment on our behalf, then PayPal pay us. It is the most secure way of payment online. Most common online giant companies use PayPal for their online payments. Some of these companies such as E-bay, Amazon, Google, and many more.

Membership Packages
You may be asking yourself why do i need a membership. Well you do not need a membership to post to our advert network. However membership will save you time and money in a over time. Do not forget the free ad packages only let you post your advert for only 3-4 days then the system will automatically delete the advert after the specified time has expired. It also saves you time, this is due to the fact that once you have a membership, your details are saved for future unless you delete the account.

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